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July 3, 2003, 00:06:32
I read the thread Resize problem regarding IC Imaging Control v. 1.4 : part III.

I am using a PV326C USB2.0 Video/Audio Capture Box to convert video output to digital. I am experiencing the 1.5 second time delay under IC Imaging Control v1.4 C++ demo application. I choose the NTSC_M video norm and the YV12(640x480) video format. The manufacturer provides software for this device. The manufacturer software does not exhibit the 1.5 second time delay. Can you help me resolve this problem?



Stefan Geissler
July 8, 2003, 11:48:42

I presume, the application that comes with your hardware, writes directly to the graphics board. Therefore no software color conversion is needed.

IC Imaging Control uses DirectShow to display the live video, therefore, the YV12 format is converted to a RGB format. The used color space converter filter might not be very fast, therefore the delay is produced.

Our YUV transform filter does not support YV12 at this point of time.