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June 24, 2003, 20:16:42
I am testing your library, I expect to use it for my application, which is built using VC++ 6.0 using a framegrabber card and a dedicated interface library.
In near future I expect to migrate to 7.1 (2003), and at the same time I would like to support a broarder range of cameras . I do not plan on using .NET or managed code, just pure C++.
You demoapp works OK with the 3 devices I tried (1 Firewire and 2 differnt USB cams).
Compiling the sample code with VC++ 7.1 however gave me some troubles.
- In order to compile, I had to solve some problems in your SmartPtr.h.
- Next when I try to run the debug version it tells me that "The program cannot start, due to a missing MFC42D.dll. As far as I know the dll has been replaced in 7.1, but one of your DLL's might explicit try to load it.
- The release version starts OK, but fails immediately after, telling me that "Trial period has expired". (I got my trial version last week). I then tried to download and install the trial version on a new computer, unfortunately with the same result ("Trial period has expired" on the day I did the download).

I know that you don't support VC++ 7.1 yet, but you might still be able to give me some hint. I would also like to know if you got a time frame for the 7.1 support.

Best regards,
Geo Andersen

Stefan Geissler
June 26, 2003, 08:45:14
We are still working on the VC++ 7.1 2003 classlibrary of IC Imaging Control. A release date is not set yet.