View Full Version : Latency/CPU time problem

June 7, 2003, 07:28:51
I purchased a camera which came with a Video to USB 2.0 converter
model PV216C, which I believe is made by Philips. The converter
came with the Microsoft AMCAP sample application, which runs
the interface with no problems. However, when I try to use
the IC Imaging Control sample VC++ application, it works, but with
serious performace degradation. The CPU utilization goes up to near
100%, and motion in the scene is not reflected in the displayed image
until 2 seconds (!) later.

Is there a way to fix this? The converter only supports YV12 formats,
is that the cause of the problem?

Johannes Vogel
June 20, 2003, 13:14:05

We do not know the device. The high CPU load is probably caused by the format YV12.

Best regards
IC Suppport