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May 31, 2003, 10:07:09
I am intrested in your IC imaging control software.But i have a doubt to be clarified.I am only the developer developing a software which planning to use IC imaging control in one of the application.Now if i take a developer licence it will be sufficient.That part is clear.Now the doubt is that , you have told that run time licence is applicable to a single project only, ie ok.But my problem is that i will be having several modification on my same project.So each time i make new exe file of that project ,does it require a runtime licence though i had taken developer licence for that project previously.Because i will be taking several exe file of the same project with new modification for the same client.I am not using licence for any other project other than this.Plese clarify me


Johannes Vogel
June 2, 2003, 09:40:59
You need one runtime license if you sell or give away for free a software product to a customer. You may deliver as many variants of the software to the same customer as you like. There is no key machanisme. You have to keep track of how many sofware packages you sell or give away for free.

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