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April 30, 2003, 20:32:48
Is there any immediate timeframe on a .NET version of the IC Imaging control?


Stefan Geissler
May 5, 2003, 07:21:32

The IC Imaging Control ActiveX is usable with limitations in Visual Basic .NET.
The property browser of Visual Basic.NET can not display and set all properties of IC Imaging Control. This results in setting the properties in the program code.
Another limitation is, that the method GetImageData() will not work correctly. A workaround is not available at this moment.
The Visual Basic examples of IC Imaging Control can not be used in Visual Basic .NET, because Visual Basic .NET has other event handling and other language elements.
It is possible to display the live video image, save frames to harddisk and capture avi files with IC Imaging Control ActiveX using Visual Basic .NET.