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April 14, 2003, 20:35:47
I have a 1394 camera from PTGREY called Dragonfly. the driver that they supply for DirectX doesnot support triggerable images. The camera has this option if you use their software program..
Do you have a driver for this camera that supports this mode for DirectX. thanks, speeddog

Stefan Geissler
April 15, 2003, 07:33:30
We do not have a driver for the PTGREY cameras. It is better to ask the manufacture of the camera for a new driver.

April 16, 2003, 15:38:04
Does this message mean the driver supports trggering for your software
or do I need to do more.

I just talked to the developer, and I was somewhat mistaken. Apparently
we've implemented the external trigger functionality for the DirectShow
driver at the driver level (but not in any software). Apparently we've
never tried to actually query or enable the trigger via DirectX, but the
information in the following links should help you determine how to do
this (the structure that controls this via the DirectX SDK):


As the documentation says, the KSPROPERTY_VIDEOCONTROL_`MOD`E property is
used to control the mode of image production.

Stefan Geissler
April 17, 2003, 08:29:33

IC Imaging Control uses the interface to the external trigger, as described in the DirectX SDK. This works well with the Sony DCam cameras. If a camera, that should be able to use an external trigger, does not serve this interface to DirectX in the correct way, IC Imaging Control can not enable the external trigger. It seems, that the developers at PTGREY use a propretiary way to communicate with their camera, and as you wrote, they did not test to bring it to work via DirectX.

April 18, 2003, 22:18:08
if the command ICImagingControl1.triggeravailable=true will this
command query camera software for its functionality. thanks,Bill

Stefan Geissler
April 22, 2003, 08:18:58
You should use the ImageAvailable event to save the
grabbed image. After your camera receives the external trigger signal and
an image was grabbed, the ImageAvailable will be called.
Do no forget, to call LiveStart(). If LiveStart() has not been called, also
if ExternalTrigger has been set to TRUE, no images will be captured.