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April 14, 2003, 13:37:20
I have build a configuration using the Workbench. First i used the image source filter to load a bitmap which was correctly processed by the configuration. After i replaced the image source filter by a FireWire camera i couldn't connect it to the rest of the configuration.

Error message: Can't Add Connection. Unspecified error.

Additionally several filters are added to the configuration automatically. The camera works correctly, i tested it using the capture device config tool.

What's wrong?

Marc Cymontkowski
April 14, 2003, 13:44:33

when two filters connect the video type and dimension of the video stream is negotiated between the filters. If the source filter is changed, the format of the video stream is often different than before. As a result the filters can't connect directly and DirectX tries to find intermediate filters for the connection. If this attempt fails the intermediate filters remain in the configuration and you have to remove them manually.

Please consider that connections have to be made downstream beginning at the source filter. As a solution choose "Delete All Connections" from the "Edit" menu and reconnect the filters beginning at the camera filter.

Best regards

Marc Cymontkowski