View Full Version : Resize problem regarding IC Imaging Control v. 1.4

April 10, 2003, 15:23:13
Dear Johannes,

thanks for the attention. I try to explain what happens with an example:

if I pass through the field of camera an hand, I see it into the IcImaging 1.4 preview window after 1-1.5 secs (when resizing is enabled: input 720x576 -> preview 768x576, otherwise all it is okay), when the camera is connected to ADVC-100.

In other words, the frames captured from the camera device, are visualized in the preview window after 1-1.5 secs (there is no need to use frames timestamp: it is qualitatively very evident).

This frame delay is not present in the other situations I mentioned in the first posting. That is, if I pass through the field of camera an hand, I immediately see it in the preview window (delay time between frame captured from camera and the same visualized in the preview window is negligible).

As I can't change the acquisition device and the resizing is mandatory, I hope there will be a fix about it.

Thanks and best regards.

Johannes Vogel
April 11, 2003, 17:12:14

There is nothing you can do against the time delay. The time delay can be observed on all common video editing programs like Premiere, even if you use real time editing hardware like Matrox RTX.100. Even if you capture a video stream from a DV camera (the camera is in play back mode) you encounter a delay.

Please verify that you do not see a delay if you capture a stream with Media Studio from the ADVC-100 if you use the same settings. Some capture programs setup the DV codec to work with quarter resolution without notifying the user. Maybe this makes the difference.

Best regards
IC Support