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April 9, 2003, 23:57:12
I am using Sony DFW-X700 and Win2000. The demo program allowed me to use either auto or one push for white balance, however, in the properties of ICImagingControl, the value of whitebalance and whitebalanceAuto are both n/a.

My question is how do I adjust whitebalance as the demo program did in my application?


Johannes Vogel
April 11, 2003, 18:15:35

You have to use the DCAM demo programs located in the DCAM sub menu.

Best regards
IC Support

May 5, 2003, 00:02:27
Would you please tell me that why the DCAM demo programs can do this but the user cannot implement it themselves?

Stefan Geissler
May 5, 2003, 08:29:23

The source codes of the DCam Demoapplications are delivered with IC Imaging Control. See "samples\vb6\DCam Firstapp" and "samples\vc6\DCam Demoapp".
They use the DCAMPROP.DLL, that is located in IC Imaging Controls bin, classlib\debug and classlib\release directory.

If you use the trial version if IC Imaging Control, you are not able to compile an executable, but you are able to run your application in Visual Basics development environment.