View Full Version : Resize problem regarding IC Imaging Control v. 1.4:

April 4, 2003, 10:18:08
I have to acquire through an analogical camera connected to an external framegrabber (ADVC-100), seen as "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR" device. The resolution is 720x576 and for the preview I need to have a window of 768x576 to maintain a correct visualization (mandatory).

Problem: a delay is verified of about 1-1,5 secs. between the images it took back from the camera and those visualized in the window of preview. If, for example, in a fixed background, it passes an object, such object is visualized after around 1-1,5 secs. Such delay is unacceptable for the greatest part of the applications that requires a saving of images, based on what is visualized on the window of preview.

Such effect doesn't happen, using the same code and the same settings, with acquisition cards very economic also (es. EZ Capture).

Such problem is not imputable certainly to the device ADVC-100: tests with capture programs that effect the resize of the window of preview, as for instance Media Studio 6, don't manifest such delay (if not in an absolutely negligible way , at least for the type of mentioned application).

I cannot change the device of acquisition: can you suggest a solution or, in the case, if a fix will be available?

Johannes Vogel
April 9, 2003, 17:36:00

The ADVC-100 is a video to DV converter. It compresses the video to DV. In order to display the video stream, IC uses the DV codec to decompress the stream. Media Studio has to do the same. Therefore, I do not have an explanation for your observation. Are you a 100 % sure that the stream dos not have a delay when displayed in Media Studio?

IC 1.4 provides time stamps for every frame. If you do frame dependent processing, you can mesure the delay if you subtract the time stamp from the current stream reference time.

Best regards
IC Support