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April 1, 2003, 20:53:42
I use the DFG1394 to take images of freefalling particles (diameters between 0.5~1.0 mm). I use a progressive scan camera that outputs standard video(Pulnix TM-9701).

When I get images from the DFG1394, the pictures appear to be interlaced.

I have a separate system which has a FlashbusMV framegrabber. When I acquire images through the FlashbusMV framegrabber, the images appear very clear and do not appear to be interlaced.

I heard (not sure!) that the FlashbusMV has a feature will replicate the captured even field of video into the odd field. This minimizes motion artifacts.

I'd like to know if this "field replication" can be done by the DFG1394 so that clear images of moving objects may be obtained. If it cannot be done, is there a piece of code that is there to fix the problem? (What I ultimately need is to get the images into memory using .MemoryGetImageData)


PS: Attached is an image that shows the problem. The quality of the images was reduced during .jpg conversion, but the interlacing is clear in the image on the right.

Johannes Vogel
April 3, 2003, 19:57:52

You can deintrlace an image buffer easily, especially if you you use .MemoryGetImageData. Just copy all pixels of a the odd lines to the even lines. Thats it.

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