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March 17, 2003, 23:22:37
I am evaluating your control and I have two issues. 1) I could not get audio and 2) a lot of frames are being dropped in the avi save demo vs. the preview only mode. I am using a canon XL1 digital camcorder with a firewire connection. As a benchmark, I tried 'windows movie maker' and was able to get audio. Thanks -mj

Johannes Vogel
March 18, 2003, 09:30:32

IC Imaging Control is a tool for capturing video streams only. Audio is not supported.
If you capture a video stream from a DV device and save it to an AVI file, IC decompresses the video and recompresses it. This is very useful if you want to send the video stream over th internet.
If you simply want to save the video stream of a DV device to an AVI file, you are better off using the capture tool of a video editing program like Adobe Premire.

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IC Support