View Full Version : Accessing imagedata in AVI-files off line

March 17, 2003, 16:41:26
I am testing the IC Imaging Control to access and process DV data on line. It all seems to be able to do the job.

Unfortunatelly off line processing of the AVI that can be created is not supported.

Could you suggest an ActiveX component that allows the user to directly access the image data. simular to your ImageBuffer. GetImageData method?

Thanks for the info,

A soon to be happy user

Johannes Vogel
March 17, 2003, 19:11:37

Unfortunately I do not know an ActiveX that allows to load an AVI file and process the image data of single frames.

Best regards
IC Support

March 17, 2003, 20:22:04
You should try the videoocx.ocx toolkit from www.videoocx.de. It allows you to grab individual frames from an avi source file and manupulate the pixels individually.