View Full Version : Using Sony V500 with a notebook

February 27, 2003, 18:15:36
I'm using the trial version in order to evaluate the IC Imaging Control ActiveX.
My task is acquire images in trigger mode using 4 Sony DFW V500 connected with a Pentium IV notebook.
The system now is running well with Unibrain drivers and Unibrain SDK.
I've installed the IC Imaging Control with a standard IEEE adapter in my office PC (also with the Sony WDM add on) and it run well, but if I try it with my notebook, the computer can't load the driver.
I've tried with the internal Firewire port and also with an external PCMCIA adapter (reported in the system as "Texas Instrument IEEE 1394 OHCI compatible".
Can you suggest me any certified PCMCIA adapter, or any other solution ?
I've conducted all the test with only one camera connected.
P.S. : If I use the Unibrain driver, all it's ok (but for me is a problem because I can't set the exposure property).

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Stefan Geissler
February 28, 2003, 08:14:41

please make sure, that the .bat job, that is delivered with the Sony driver, is executed, before connecting the V500 with your laptop. Also check, whether the file sonyfcam.sys is located in your windows\system32\drivers directory. This file is normally copied by the .bat job. If the sonyfcam.sys file does not reside in the windows\system32\driver directory, you may copy it on your own.

You can also start the device manager and look for the Sony camera. Open the properties of the camera and take a look on driver details. The sonyfcam.sys file must be listed in the file listbox. If it is missing, the driver is not installed correctly.
In this case, you can reinstall the driver, but previoulsy perform the setup_SonyWDM+TWAIN.bat job.