View Full Version : sprop.dll and Sony X700

February 26, 2003, 02:22:17
I have successfully used ICControl to bring Sony X700 images into my application. In the process of building a control panel for the Sony camera and debugging all the code, I found a set of routines that require sprop.dll. Now I don't know where I got sprop.dll or how I installed it. I can't reproduce it on my target systems, or even on the second development station. Can anyone help an over 50 programmer with his memory?

Foggy and 50

Stefan Geissler
February 26, 2003, 07:11:11
Foggy and 50,

the Sony DCam Addone is now fully integrated in IC Imaging Control 1.4. If you download the trial version of IC Imaging Control, you will get the requested DLLs. If you have bought IC Imaging Control, it is contained in your free update. The "sprop.dll" has been renamed to "dcamprop.dll". The function declarations are identical to "sprop.dll".