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February 25, 2003, 19:15:48
I looking for the source code mentioned at the bottom of the main web page.
see the attached jpg to see the example code info

I'm specifically looking for code related to the exposure timing (i.e. 1/64 second) on the image settings > exposures and I'm also interested in the code for the on screen graphics


Stefan Geissler
February 26, 2003, 07:33:05

The source code, how to draw graphics on the live video is included in the IC Imaging Control SDK. You can download the trial version and look in the "samples\VB6\Creating an Overlay" for Visual Basic or "samples\vc6\graphicoverlay" for Visual C++ to see, how to create graphics on the live video.
The examples in the IC Imaging Contro SDK are not exactly the same, as the demo application.

To adjust exposure with physical values, this is to use times like 1/64 sec, you need to use the dcamprop.dll as described in the "samples\vc6\dcam demoapp" (C++) or the "samples\vb6\dcam firstapp" (Visual Basic) example.
The exposure time is calculated from the exposure value as follows (put it into a string in Visual Basic):
"1/" + Format(1 / (2 ^ exposure ) + " s"
The physical exposure values may start at -10 and end at 1.

The use of physical values must be enabled explicitly for the Sony DCam cameras. If exposure automatic should be enabled, the physical units must be disabled, before enabling exposure automatic, to prevend an errormessage.