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February 17, 2003, 10:10:58
Dear sir

I'm developing a VB6 software (VB6 SP5, Win 2000 SP2, DirectX 8.1, IC 1.4) for acquiring from 2 cameras Sony Firewire DFW-X700 in trigger mode (variable frequency trigger max 1 trigger every 0.36 secs).
I use 2 IC 1.4 ActiveX controls (one for camera) with 800x600 resolution e 7.5 f/s. The system is composed of an acquisition software and one calibration software (for setting exposure, contrast, white balance ecc.).

The first problem is the following : I can work only with P-code EXE because the native code executable exits at the first trigger in both programs.

For calibration I've implemented two sliders for WB red/blue regulation and one WB OnePush button. This procedure was inspired by DCamDemoApp.
I switch from one camera to the other by making visible one IC control or the other (both are in Live mode). When I use one-push with the first camera I put IC control in continuos mode (DeviceTrigger=false) and wait for one-push ending. Then I return in trigger mode for the first camera and switch to the second camera to visualize its image and perform the calibration in the same way as for the first one.

The problems with this calibration procedure are the following:

1) Sometimes it happens that when using one-push for the WB the program goes into crash. It's not possible to close program with Task Manager so I must reboot the PC. At this point the only solution to restart system is shut down PC, power off Sony cameras (by disconnecting Firewire cables) and then reconnecting and restart everything. If I only reboot the PC (without power off cameras) and I run the application (my calibration software or DCamDemoApp) I have the following error message with the camera that caused the crash (while the other camera works correctly):

<An unexpected DShowLibException occurred : CFilterGraph::connect( CPin& src, CPin& dest, const CVideoFormat&) : no intervening filter found in file : C:\CSource\core\DShowLib\FilterGraph.cpp at line : 229>

Sometimes, after this WB one-push error I have the two Red and Blue sliders completely on the left.

2) Sometimes when starting the program I have an automation error message (runtime error '-2147417848 (80010108)': Invoked object has been disconnected from clients) This is a my translation because the message was in Italian.It is necessary reboot.

3) Sometimes the image from a camera is visualized but the camera doesn't react to WB red/blue corrections.It is necessary reboot.

4) Sometimes it is impossible to switch from one camera to the other (it is necessary close and restart program).

Because of some practical reasons I had to cut the Firewire cables 4.5m length in two pieces making a junction with MIL connectors: can this cause problems?

Best regards

Stefan Geissler
February 20, 2003, 08:12:02
Dear Sir,

The Sony DCam driver has sometimes problems to drive more than one camera. This is, because it seems to share memory for the properties of different cameras. Also, if an applications crashes, the driver writes values out of the range to the white balance properties. This must be handled by the application. If the driver has written wrong values to white balance, the automatic for white balance will not work, until the values are in the range from 0 to 255.

If the frame rate is set to an illegal value to the camera, it will not deliver any frame. The control LED is switching from green to amber, but no frames are delivered. The default frame rate, that will be set to the camera by the Sony DCam driver is 30 Hz.This is not supported by the DFX-X700 camera and it will not deliver any frame. Therefore, the live video has to be stopped and the frame rate has to be set to a valid value for the camera. Therefore, the cameras will not start after a reboot without power down the cameras.