View Full Version : AVI to DV DEVICE via FIREWIRE 1394

January 26, 2003, 14:54:21
Dear Sir,

I am a visual Basic programmer. I've seen your web-site and the trial
version of your toolkit, but haven't found the option that I am interested

For example:
I have AVI files (PAL 720x576) in the Microsoft DV format that were captured
via 1394 FireWire link (from Adobe Premiere programme).


Can my application with your OCX toolkit, play the Microsoft DV Avi file directly to the Firewire,
not only to the VGA Monitor(Video render).
For example, does your Demo Player have the output directly to the FireWire Device (like Premier Play from time line) ?

Any way to make it from my VB application?

Thanks in advance

Mr. Vukovic

Stefan Geissler
January 27, 2003, 07:58:04
Dear Mr. Vukovic,

IC Imaging Control is an SDK for image acquisition. It can only receive a video stream from the Firewire port. Sending a video stream to the Firewire is not possible with IC Imaging Control.